The major purpose of the life of Shri Hanuman was to obliterate obstacles in the founding of the Divine Kingdom by offering the needed warrior element. So, the personified souls who would help in the founding of the Divine Kingdom were completely safe.

Therefore itself Shri Hanuman manifests Himself in different types throughout different Yugas. Their task in the manifest-unmanifest form not at all ceases. Lord Hanuman has humbleness in serving to the amount of 100%. Therefore, he is continually active. If you are true fan of Lord Hanuman then you should do on his birthday. Hanuman Jayanti 2015 bhajans/mp3 is a good way to chant about their wonderful personality. Go and get special Hanuman Jayanti 2015 bhajans/mp3 from here and show your devotation about Lord Hanuman.


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