The Karnataka people will enjoy festival Ugadi 2015 with wonderful devotion. The necessary arrangements for Ugadi 2015 start a week before; homes are decorated and cleaned, new clothes are purchased, and on the day of this famous festival, fresh leaves of mango are strung up on the top of doorways to indicate New Year’s prosperity. Feasting and Pujas are, as same the other Indian festivals, an important part of the celebrations.

Normally, reading mythical works, chanting of mantras, poetic recitations, listening to the future forecasts and hearing traditional music are the best part of the Ugadi festival celebration. ‘Panchanga Sravanam’, the spiritual calendar for the year to come, it is the most noticed ceremony of Ugadi 2015 festival. If you are living in India or outside the India and want to wish your family or friends on this special day, then you can send unique ugadi 2015 greeting images. Here you can check best ugadi 2015 greeting images collection and choose best one to send someone special.


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